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Fake doctor works in hospital for 5 months
January 5, 2016, 8:32 am

Officers from the Capital Investigation Department arrested a 22-year-old Kuwaiti for pretending to be a doctor as he joined the medical staff of Amiri Hospital where he worked for five months although he holds a certificate from the Commercial Studies College.

A security source said an Egyptian doctor raised doubts on the suspect who claimed to be a ruling family member and a trainee. The Egyptian doctor got suspicious when he noticed that the suspect does not know how to do stitches.

This has prompted the Egyptian doctor to ask the suspect to show him his ID but the latter said his ID was inside the car and then he escaped but he was arrested later. During interrogation, the suspect disclosed he dreamed of becoming a doctor, so he visited hospitals where he introduced himself as a trainee. Medical sources revealed the suspect took part in some surgeries and examined patients as well.

Source: Arab Times

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