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Fake items abound
August 27, 2015, 9:27 am

Ministry of Commerce and Industry intends to study the files of 12 companies that import imitation lights accessories, and vehicle tires from China and Turkey, reports Al-Shahed daily. Sources said the ministry will scrutinize goods imported by the companies in question and test samples at random, as it has been proven that counterfeit goods negatively affect driving and contribute greatly to the growing rate of traffic accidents.

Sources stated that many relevant departments have found counterfeit goods of nearly 4,750 types from the commodities sold in Shuwaikh industrial areas, and there is a need to deal with the issue. They reiterated that trading in counterfeit goods has become a source of threat to the health and safety of consumers, indicating KD 450 million worth of counterfeit spare parts are sold in the country annually.

Source: Arab Times

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