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Fake maids offices cheating citizens, expatriates busted
November 16, 2016, 8:22 am

Officers from the Residency Investigation Affairs General Department in the Interior Ministry arrested members of two dummy domestic labor offices, one of which encourages housemaids to run away from their sponsors by promising double their salary and the other operates as a daily maid services center.

In a press statement, Public Relations and Security Media General Department disclosed the officers took action in response to a complaint from a Kuwaiti who said one of the dummy domestic labor offices is swindling citizens and expatriates.

Investigation led to the arrest of an Egyptian taxi driver in charge of transporting absconding maids for KD 250 monthly pay which he receives from another person whose whereabouts were identified through the information that the driver gave to the officers.

This then resulted in the arrest of the other person, also an Egyptian, who provides maids to citizens at a cost of KD 400. He deceives citizens by claiming that he is following up visa transfer with the maid’s former sponsor, but he actually encourages the maid to run from her sponsor by promising better pay. Both Egyptians have criminal records and one of them is wanted by law for violating the Residency Law.

In another development, the Residency Investigation Affairs General Department, in collaboration with the Medical License Department in the Ministry of Health, inspected medical centers, clinics, salons and laboratories. The campaign resulted in the arrest of 15 individuals who violated the Residency Law – 12 of them are on Article 20 visa (domestic workers) and the remaining three hold Article 18 visa. All of those arrested were referred to the concerned authorities and their sponsors will be summoned for questioning.

Source: Arab Times

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