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Family members of ‘accused’ to be deported
July 6, 2014, 9:30 am

Security systems in the Interior Ministry will deport with the family any person who promotes drugs or weapons or beg after enforcing the legal deterrent penalty in this domain, security sources said. The same sources added Interior Ministry will deport the 19 beggars arrested in different parts of the country along with their families, and the deportation process applies to GCC citizens as well.

They stressed that instructions have been issued by top security officials in the ministry to refer any person arrested for promoting drugs to the Public Prosecution, and after enforcing the legal penalty, the culprit will be deported with his family, adding the same procedure will be applied on those who trade weapons.

They noted new procedures and extensive operations will be conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department and security teams dispatched to various parts of the country, affirming the operations led to apprehending a gang of GCC citizens and Kuwaitis that smuggled weapons into the country to sell.

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