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Farmers union gets nod to hire workers from Bangladesh
April 6, 2015, 8:45 am

Chairperson of Kuwait Farmers Union Hadi Al-Watiri applauded the efforts exerted by Assistant Undersecretary of Citizenship, Passports and Residency Affairs Sheikh Mazen Al- Jarrah in supporting Kuwaiti farmers, particularly in overcoming obstacles to the recruitment of agricultural laborers. In his statement after meeting Sheikh Al-Jarrah, Al- Watiri disclosed the assistant undersecretary listened to the proposals and requests presented by the union’s delegation that visited him in his office.

They tackled issues related to the recruitment of farm workers from Bangladesh, who are considered the best in this field because they are used to the weather in Kuwait unlike other nationalities.He affirmed Sheikh Al- Jarrah has always been cooperating with the farmers and he agreed to provide a list of Bangladeshi labor force required by the farmers on condition that everything should be done under the union’s umbrella and through its recommendations in this regard.

Meanwhile, the financial guarantee for issuance of work permits — KD250 per worker — is deposited into the employer’s account, not the Public Authority for Manpower, reports a local daily quoting sources from the authority. Sources explained the employers have no right to use the financial guarantee without obtaining approval from the authority, reiterating there is no truth in the allegation that the money is deposited into the account of the authority for the purpose of gaining profits. Sources stressed the employers are obliged to pay the financial guarantee to protect the rights of workers and the collected amount is deposited into the accounts of the employers or companies.

Sources said the employers must submit a document proving payment of the financial guarantee and this document is kept by the authority. In an unrelated development, Assistant Undersecretary for Cooperative Societies Affairs in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Hassan Kazem has confirmed the cooperative and wholesale sectors are fully prepared for any emergency through the storage of large quantity of basic commodities and supplies, says a local daily.

Stressing the need to guarantee the safety of these commodities and constant followup of preservation procedures, Kazem asserted that food security is the collective responsibility of cooperative societies. “We work in coordination with the concerned authorities to ensure adequate supply of basic commodities to cover the public’s needs for more than a year and half,” he added.

He reiterated the sector has been taking care to guarantee the safety of every person living on this blessed land of Kuwait, promising that there will neither be any commodity price increase nor manipulations during emergencies. With regard to the ration cards, Kazem said no one living in Kuwait will be left out as contingency plans have been in place through which the citizens will be receiving basic commodities as per the ration cards, whereas the expatriates will be given such cards for a limited period.

He said Kuwait is a blessed country and it will continue so under the leadership of H.H. the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and his H.H. the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad.

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