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Father storms school with loaded gun in Kuwait
December 12, 2015, 2:44 pm

 Police in Kuwait have arrested a father who stormed into a school, brandishing a loaded gun and screaming he wanted to see the person who had beaten his son. “Students and staff were scared and did not know what to do with the angry father in the highly unusual case,” a security source told Kuwaiti daily Al Rai.

“Nobody wanted to confront him as he was walking with the gun in his hand and demanding to know who beat his son." The interior ministry emergency room was called and asked to provide urgent help, the sources added.

Security officers from Al Jahra area, northwest of the capital Kuwait City, were dispatched to the school.

“Following intense negotiations, the armed man surrendered and he was taken to the public prosecution to face legal procedures,” the sources said. Social media users called for severe punishment against the armed intruder, arguing that he should have pondered the terrible consequences of his act.

“Who did he think he was to do all this?” a viewer writing under the moniker of Take It Easy said. “I am sure the son was hit by a teacher because he deserved it and needed a better education. However, I see that the father himself needs to be educated properly.

"He thought he was brave and courageous by holding a loaded gun and scaring young students. Let him now use all the time he will spend in jail to think over his senseless act,” he said.

Another blogger said the son should be taken away from his father.

“He simply cannot have the custody of a child if he allows himself to get angry, take a loaded gun and head to a school to settle scores according to his mood,” Minister said. “The gun will certainly be confiscated and I recommend the father be taken to a psychiatric hospital where he will be treated.”

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