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Fees collected via gov't gateway hit KD 15 mln '13
March 11, 2014, 9:24 am

Deputy Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) for auxiliary services Mubarak Al-Quwaidhi said Monday the public service fees collected via the official gateway (Kuwait Government Online) amounted to KD 15 million (USD 53 million) in 2013.

"The number of visitors of the gate topped nine million last year," he told KUNA at the conclusion of the 13th meeting of the executive committee of the GCC e-government.
"The two-day meeting outlined the tasks of the two ad-hoc committees on e-government and information filtering belonging to the ministerial committee of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries," he pointed out.

Al-Quwaidhi noted that today's session focused on how to promote public awareness about e-government services, citing as an example CAIT's ongoing campaign in Kuwait.
The conferees also discussed the prospects of linking the e-governments of the GCC countries with a view to spreading and facilitating the e-services and joining hands in awareness campaigns, he went on.

Al-Quwaidhi noted that Kuwait delegation presented papers on the operating standards and strategies for the networks, as well as the information security.
He noted that CAIT is educating the Kuwaiti public on the e-gate services which amount to 85 services at present with a view to maximizing benefit from the gateway and motivating the state bodies which have yet to join the gate to do so.

"The e-government services are legally protected and safe after the National Assembly passed Act 20 for 2014 on the regulations of the e-transactions. The executive statute of the law will be ready within four months and then an e-document will be officially recognized as legal," he added.

Meanwhile, Qusai Al-Shatti, CAIT's Deputy Director General for information filtering, said today's session discussed ways to promote networking among e-government agencies in the GCC countries.
"Kuwait presented a paper on how to leverage and maximize benefit from the information technology resources of the GCC state bodies within the framework of internationally-recognized standards," he noted.

CAIT had developed great projects such as Kuwait Government Online and the national network which link the state bodies in a secure and modern way, he said.

"The government gateway has 14 e-payment services such as electricity, communication, interior, justice, civil information and finance which spare much time and effort for the citizens and residents; usage of these services grows annually by 80 percent," Al-Shatti added.

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