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Fifth campaign launched in Jahra to hunt for illegal arms
July 25, 2015, 8:20 am
Policemen search the boot of a car for illegal arms

Officers from the General Department for Weapons Investigations recently launched its fifth inspection campaign in Jahra area with the participation of a number of security authorities including the General Traffic Department, Public Security Sector and the Public Relations and Security Media Department.

During the campaign, the officers checked all vehicles on the main and internal roads of the area in search of unlicensed weapons, under the supervision of Director General of General Department for Weapons Collection Major General Faraj Al-Za’abi and other top officials.

Director General of General Department for Weapons Investigations Brigadier Abdulrahman Al-Suhail said possessing unlicensed weapons is banned, adding that the officers of the department have been given instructions to handle the issue as per the law and to also work on organizing the traffic movement in the areas where the campaigns are held in order to avoid any traffic problems.

In addition, he explained that the inspection of vehicles is one of the several steps to be taken to search for and confiscate unlicensed weapons and ammunition. The inspectors are well-trained to deal with the situation, and to quickly respond to the complaints and reports received from either the emergency line 112 or the hotline 1888830.

Meanwhile, assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs in the Ministry of Interior Major General Abdul Fattah Al-Ali conducted a tour of several security directorates to follow up security measures and the level of preparedness by various security departments.

In Farwaniya Directorate, Major General Al-Ali met with the Director General of Government Security Sector Major General Fahad Al- Shewai and other security leaders, and commended successes of the security plans implemented by way of tours of duty and security checkpoints to ensure safety and security in the vicinities of commercial complexes, markets, and other public places.

Major General Al-Ali continued his tour to Al-Rehab police station and a checkpoint in the Avenues Mall where he stressed the importance of coordination and continuous follow-up between the security leaders and the officers manning commercial complexes, particularly those observing a large number of visitors. He said an even distribution of security operatives inside the commercial complexes and entertainment facilities is relevant in preventing crimes and dealing with emergency situations.

Source: Arab Times

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