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Fifty percent of labourer’s data in ministry’s systems is wrong
August 9, 2015, 8:42 am

“About 50 percent of the data in the systems of various sectors of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor are incorrect, which means half of the information registered about the labor force is wrong. This clearly reflects on the statistics released by the governmental authorities”, sources from the ministry reveals. They explained that the data of nine official economic activities in the country are marred by wrong categorization of the manpower registered under such activities.

“It is common knowledge worldwide that majority of the workrelated injuries take place in the building and construction sector. However, in Kuwait, it happens in the business sector, restaurants and hotels”, they indicated. The sources said statistics on work-related injuries as per economic activity in 2014 reveals that 190 work-related injuries were registered in the building and construction sector while 950 such injuries were recorded in the business, restaurant and hotel sectors.

These figures are contrary to reality and differ when checking with the medical reports and statistics on workrelated injuries issued by the agencies. They insisted that the mistake is in the categorization of construction work under a profession that has no direct link with the nature of the work of construction workers, adding, “It is irrational for the number of injuries in ‘manufacturing activities’ category to be 250 while only 95 work-related injuries were reported from the gas, electricity and water, agriculture and fishing sectors”.

The sources stressed the need to review the categories of commercial licenses because blacksmiths, carpenters and painters cannot be categorized under ‘general trade’ and construction workers and masons cannot be categorized under ‘hotel and restaurant sector’ as is currently seen. They concluded that the overall work-related injuries recorded in 2014 reached 2,100 out of which 17 resulted in death and more than 1900 in physical disability of different degrees.

Source: Arab Times

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