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Fight against iqama traders
April 8, 2014, 3:41 pm
Social Affairs and Labor Minister Hind Al-Subaih dropped a bombshell when she announced that the ministry knows about iqama traders but lacks the courage to take the decision to bring them to account. The minister gave us the information directly unlike the ministers who preceded her, when they entered the ministry and left without taking any decisions in favor of the country and citizen. We thank the minister for her frankness in revealing the reason behind the former ministers’ inability to solve the iqama problems, as she explained that the decision needs courage to shoulder the responsibility.
A friend at the social affairs ministry told me once that one of the ministers attempted to stand against iqama traders. He asked for a list of those whose iqamas are suspicious, and promised them that he will take whatever measures necessary to remove the manipulators and put a stop to their practice. When he received the requested list, he lost power and could not fulfil his promise because his ministerial job became compromised, so he preferred safety until he left and no one remembers him today.
Every time a social affairs minister comes, he says I will do this and I will do that.. I will reform the co-ops sector… I will support sports activities… I will develop the society’s care sector… I will destroy iqama traders and other media stories to boast in front of his employees. Soon after that he eats his words and becomes satisfied with cutting exhibitions’ ribbons and celebrations until he is replaced without any tangible achievement. Today the minister renews her intention to fight iqama corruption and we hope that she succeeds in her efforts, or at least submit her resignation if she discovers that reform is banned in her place.
By Waleed Al-Ghanim


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