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Filipina house help suffers head trauma, broken bone and damaged spine
November 30, 2013, 3:54 pm

Charito Mabuna, a forty four Filipina Household Service Worker (HSW) who arrived in Kuwait in May this year was repeatedly beaten by her female Kuwaiti employer resulting to broken bone in her arm, sixteen stitches in her head and damaged spine, which needed major operation at Al Razi Orthopedic Hospital. Mabuna recounted her ordeal with The Times.

Mabuna, a Filipina from the hurricane stricken Eastern Samar in the Philippines told The Times that she was pushed out of the window by her male employer after she was verbally abused. Mabuna was rushed to the hospital by her neighbors immediately after she fell from the second floor of the apartment where the family she serves resides.  Mabuna arrived in Kuwait in March of this year and abused started when her male employer hit her on the face and in succeeding days the physical abuse started. “My female employer hit my head several times with whatever her hands can grab when she get furious. I suffered several head trauma and bruises all over my body. Recently my employer hit my head with a cooking pan and suffered sixteen stitches. This was not the first time, in several cases, my head bled from blows but I would clean them up with cold water and was not offered or given medical attention,” commented Mabuna.

Shoes, frying pan, broom sticks, pestle and once a plastic pail was smashed in her head and broke, were among the things sued by her employers to hit her not only in the head but her body. Boiling water caused scars in some parts of her body. Mabuna commented “Until today I don’t know what made my employers did these to me and I pray they face justice. They visited me while in the hospital and kept asking me not to pursue the legal case against them, they have also asked people who I never knew to speak and convince me not to file the case, but I am determined to fight for my right and I know Kuwait’s justice will always favor those who speak the truth and suffer injustice,”

Mabuna underwent a spinal surgery on October 19 and claimed that she has never been visited by any representative from her local recruitment agency instead Assistants to the Nationals from the Philippine Embassy have paid her two visits to check on her conditions. Initial news report by a local newspaper in Kuwait published her story and posted on social media sites. Uproar from the Filipino community urged the Philippine Embassy to look closely on her case and suspend if not black list the agency both in Kuwait and Philippines for neglecting Mabuna’s miserable condition. “The agency can’t claim, it knows nothing of Mabuna’s condition, it has been almost two months and it is totally unacceptable for the agency not to know her condition” commented a Filipino community leader.

Mabuna feels uncertain of what will happen to her case and if she will receive the attention and support from the agencies involved but she is hopeful that Filipinos will support her fight for justice and that the Philippine Embassy will stand with her claim. Mabuna is also uncertain if her family has survived the hurricane typhoon after she attempted to call her daughter last week but failed to establish communication due to destruction of province’s communication servers.

A member of the Filipino Association of Secretaries and Employment Agencies in Kuwait called upon the attention of the agency involved to immediately look into Mabuna’s case and provide full assistance. “This is one vivid proof of neglect if the agency has been informed of their ward’s condition. These kinds of agencies deserve suspension because their mistakes will affect the rest of agencies with good repute”.

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