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Filipino Community welcomes new Ambassador to Kuwait
March 31, 2014, 10:39 am

A reception organized by the embassy, POLO and the Filipino community was held at the hall of the embassy in Faiha in Kuwait in honor of the newly appointed Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, Alberto Monsanto. The former Charges de Affaires received his appointment as ambassador a week ago during his recent trip to the Philippines.

In his speech, Ambassador Monsanto thanked the community, embassy and labor staff for the warm reception he has received and he hoped that the cooperation between sectors will deepen and establish stronger ties for the benefit and service of the OFWs in Kuwait. He added that he will be meeting with different Filipino local organizations in the next few weeks. He urged the media to work closely with the embassy and labor and be a partner towards service.

New member of the consulate section was also introduced and announced the arrival soon of additional vice consul. Assistant Labor Attaché and Social Welfare officer were also officially introduced to the community. Chief Financial Officer also bid farewell from her post after six years in service and thanked the staff of the embassy for their support.

Selected members of the community also expressed their warm wishes to the new ambassador and support during his tenure. Consul General Raul Dado, Labor Attaché Atty. Cesar Chavez, Assistant Labor Attaché Ching Ardivilla and Welfare Officer Norlita Lugtu also expressed their wishes to the new Philippine Envoy. Brief entertainment followed featuring dance number by children of the embassy staff and embassy staff as well. A touching song “Farewell” was delivered by Joven, an ATN Officer.

Members of the media were also asked to deliver brief remarks to welcome the new envoy. A spread of buffet Filipino dishes was shared among everyone who came to attend the reception.

- Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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