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Finance Ministry says subsidies issue still being discussed
November 30, 2015, 10:27 am

The Finance Ministry emphasized yesterday that the study on subsidies was still in the planning stages and was being deliberated on.  Aside from speaking in favor of re-pricing petrol and diesel, the concerned committee and the government had not made any concrete decisions on the subject. A committee comprised of representatives from several state departments is presently studying the practicability of the proposals to cut or reduce the subsidization of certain services.

The ministry said that the committee, who was given the responsibility to study the subsidy change proposal, is doing its duty with the assistance of a specialized company, this was with regards to the news about the suspension of subsidized items for those who receive salaries equal to or higher than KD 1,300, and rumors about the cabinet mulling over new financial reforms, and increase in electricity fees and gas prices. 

The finance ministry has also requested all media and newspapers to check any stories of public concerns, particularly rumors related to subsidies, and disperse the news to the public with more accuracy.

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