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Fire at open air storage yard in Amghara under control - Official
October 8, 2014, 7:58 am

A fire at an open air storage yard for scrap metal, plastic materials, and garbage containers, among other inflammables, has been brought under control since it broke out earlier on Tuesday in Amghara, said a fire department official.

The fire covered about 3000 sq.meters of the storage yard which has a total size of 5000 sq.meters, said Brigadier Khalid Al-Mekrad, who is one of several deputy directors of the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, in a statement to KUNA.

Only material damages occurred, he said, as he noted that winds gusting to 40 km per hour fanned the flames quicker than was expected. He guessed that total control of the fire would probably take place within the upcoming hour or so.

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