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Fish boycott campaign fails despite earlier success
September 1, 2015, 9:38 am

The ‘Let Them Spoil’ campaign, which forced fish traders to reduce the prices of fish last week, appears to have had no lasting effect as things are returning to normal with local fish prices continuing to rise following the end of the campaign. The campaign was organized to boycott fish as a sign of protest against ballooning prices of fish that were enforced by ‘greedy’ fish traders, as the organizers of the campaign claimed. Representing the fishermen, the Kuwaiti Fishermen Union denied any involvement in the artificial price increase of fish. Presently, silver pomfret has been marked as KD 10- 11 per kilogram, Hamour (greasy grouper) costs around KD 5-5.5, and Baloul (small greasy grouper) price has been hiked to KD 7.

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