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Fishing completely banned within Kuwait Bay
October 3, 2015, 11:49 am

EPA's deputy chairman, Engineer Mohammed AI-Enezi announced that the National Committee for 'Studying Fish Death' has decided to ban fishing within Kuwait Bay until further notice. AI- Enezi justified the decision by what he described as the critical ecological situation within the bay and stressed that I was decided on a meeting held with PAAFRA, the Municipality, EPA, MPW and the Ports Authority.

"The ban includes individual and commercial fishing and will be in effect until the executive regulations of the amended environmental law number '99/2015', he underlined, noting that the executive regulations chart would be issued this month - afterwards, individual picnic fishing might be allowed in limited catches.

Meanwhile, EPA chairman, Sheikh Abdullah AL-Ahmed stressed that EPA would impose the environmental law equally on all and that it would be very strictly put into practice to stop violations on marine environment.

Source: AI-Anbaa 

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