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Five dead, 52 hurt in Qurain mall gas leak and fire drill
December 29, 2014, 9:26 am
The fire drill theatre and senior government and Fire Dept officials at the site of drill.

Five people died and 52 others were injured in a gas leakage from a vehicle near the Qurain market. This was the subject of an extended drill conducted by the General Fire Service Department in coordination with the National Guard, Ministry of Interior, and Medical Emergency Department, supported by helicopters affiliated to the Interior Ministry and Air Ambulance from the Ministry of Health.

The exercise aimed to test the level of preparedness and coordination among the concerned authorities in dealing with accidents. It was considered among the largest drills ever conducted with the participation of concerned authorities.

According to Arab Times report, As per the scenario, there was poisonous gas leakage from a heavy duty vehicle near the Qurain market, as it collided with 20 other vehicles — including a bus transporting laborers. The accident resulted in the death of five people and serious injuries to 52 others.

The deceased were referred to Forensics, while some of the injured people were taken to nearest hospitals by helicopter. Those who sustained minor injuries were treated on site by Medical Emergency Personnel inside three tents erected by the medical team, noting 17 ambulances joined in the operation. In his comment, the State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Al-Abdullah appreciated the efforts of the teams in dealing with the situation, in coordination with concerned authorities.

He reaffirmed need to take drills of this nature with seriousness with the participation of relevant authorities to guard against future occurrences. Director of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate Major General-Yusuf Al- Ansari considered the exercise as very important, indicating a comprehensive report will be prepared to assess the performance of each sector to avoid a repetition of the mistakes recorded during the drill.

He commended the level of professionalism displayed by the officers during the drill, coupled with the total coordination among the participating sectors. For his part, the Director General of Fire Control Brigadier Khaled Al- Mekrad said the aim of the comprehensive exercise was to know how to deal with accidents. Director of Public Relations Colonel Khaleel Al-Ameer appreciated total efforts of the various security sectors for a successful drill, which he stressed, was unprecedented.

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