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Food delivery charges are too high
June 22, 2016, 8:52 am
Optimism shown by consumers on the decision issued last April by the Minister of Trade and Industry Dr. Yusef Al-Ali which specified 250 fils as the fee for delivery service provided within the vicinity of restaurants and 500 fils for deliveries outside the vicinity faded quickly upon the obstinacy of restaurants and their non-compliance to the ministerial decree.
Sources noted many restaurants owned by major companies in the country are not committed to the new delivery fee for orders. They explained the restaurants in question violate the ministerial decree by charging 500 fils for delivery service provided within the vicinity of restaurants, thus disregarding the ministerial decree.
A citizen who preferred anonymity told the daily that some companies operating via Instagram charge KD 3 for delivery service and wondered about their exorbitant service fee.
The sources urged Trade Monitoring and Consumer Protection sector to investigate the restaurants to verify fees they charge consumers, in view of Minister Al-Ali’s decision to form a committee to follow-up the matter.
Source: Arab Times


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