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Food prices in Co-ops under constant check
June 19, 2015, 1:28 pm

The directors of “trade control” and “consumer protection” in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ahmad Al-Khayat and Abdullah Al-Mis’eb have said the ministry continues to monitor around the clock the prices of foodstuffs in cooperative societies and other similar markets during Ramadan, reports Al-Anba daily.

In an interview with the daily, they said the sectors try to respond to consumer concerns and warn those taking advantage of the blessed month (Ramadan) to increase commodity prices unnecessarily, especially foodstuffs, that the ministry will be strict on referring the violators to trade prosecution. They affirmed that the ministry is equipped to monitor and control prices of commodities in the holy month and throughout the year, indicating 2,210 violations involving commercial cheating, prices manipulation, and cloned products were referred to the trade prosecution in 2014.


The directors also said the control department in 2014 received about 24,058 consumer complaints via hotline 135 while inspection centers in all governorates received more than 30,000 complaints. “The ministry since 2014 closed down 104 shops and 44 stores as of May 2015”. It also referred “650 violations to the trade prosecution during the period”, said the directors. They indicated the consumer protection department in May issued 3000 commercial licenses related to sale discounts, gifts, draws on coupons and advertisements to purchase real estate outside the country.

Meanwhile, the fish prices in the Sharq Fish Market have increased following the decision to ban the fishing and sale of fish called ‘Al-Maid’. This has caused a huge shortage in the availability of fresh and seasonal fish in the market, reports Al-Rai daily.

Owner of Dalala offices Jaber Al-Failakawi explained that the price of 1kilogram of ‘Balol’ fish has increased to KD 10, ‘Hamour’ fish to KD 6 and ‘Nuwaibi’ to KD 4. The price of imported fish such as the Iranian ‘Zubaidi’ has been increased to KD 9.5 per kilogram and Pakistani ‘Zubaidi’ to KD 8. He revealed that another reason for shortage in the availability of fish in the market is the absence of many fishermen who have traveled to their countries to spend Ramadan with their families.


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