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Foreign center honors Kuwaiti journalist
April 8, 2015, 1:26 pm

Secretary General of the Arab-European Center of Human Rights and International Law Aihan Jaf has affirmed that the center's designation of the Kuwaiti Journalist, Saad Al-Me'tesh, as ambassador of the Arab press in 2015 came in appreciation for his pioneering role in defense of the media freedoms.

Jaf said that the Norway-based center advocates promotion of activists in fields of human rights and press freedoms to encourage them be more active at these levels.

"We also need free writers who portray the real picture about the Arab and Gulf communities to the world and face conspiracies being plotted against the region." He said.

The honored Kuwaiti journalist said his designation by such a renowned center is a credit for the Kuwaiti media. The center, in its designation resolution, affirmed that Al- Me'tesh was chosen for his role in defending human rights, supporting freedom of the press, viewed at various international quarters. The independent center operates according to the UN charter It advocates human rights in the Arab world, protection of children and women rights. 

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