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Four Indian suspects released
September 1, 2014, 8:36 am

Four of the 13 Indian suspects who were detained by police for the alleged murder of an Egyptian during a scuffle between the Indians and Egyptians at the Camels Market in Kabad last week have been released, say Indian newspapers.The newspapers also claim two Egyptians have died as a result of the fight, and the contracting company which they work for has secured the release of four of the 13 Indians, mostly from the Punjab, held in police custody.

However, a senior Indian embassy official in Kuwait refusing to give more details on the incident stressed only one Egyptian has died during the fight and several others injured but does not have the exact figure.

The official added the Embassy is providing all legal assistance to those who are involved in the fight and as a first step has “requested permission from the local government for consular access.”

Meanwhile, the Times of India quoting sources said a company official in Kuwait has assured the company will negotiate with the family members of killed Egyptian ‘workers’ to settle the issue either by paying compensation or looking into any other demands they may have.

The same newspaper, quoting the families of two Indians who are believed to be the prime suspects in the alleged murder have said that they were not getting any specific information about them. One of those charged with murder is Tarsem Singh of Chooharwali village, near Jalandhar.

Meanwhile, OneIndia News said 25 Indian workers have appealed through a video to the Indian government for help. The same newspaper quoting Syed Akbarruddin of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said the Ministry is aware of the situation and is keeping a close eye on the issue. He added, “Indian Mission in Kuwait has taken up the problems with the Kuwaiti authorities. All need to abide by local laws.”

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