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Freak storm hits Kuwait
October 18, 2015, 8:45 am
Strong winds and dust in Kuwait.

During the sudden onslaught of a sandstorm and rains, an Asian was killed by lightning in northern Kuwait and a Kuwaiti boatman was swept away while at sea. These were the two known casualties of the terrible weather that affected residents in Kuwait yesterday.  

The interior ministry and the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) warned all citizens and residents, particularly drivers, to stay vigilant and cautious at all times due to the foul weather conditions and low visibility in some areas in the country.

Motorists must be highly attentive to every distraction on the road that might be caused by strong winds, and follow safety precautions and rules while driving, the interior ministry’s public relations and security media department said in a press statement yesterday.

The ministry also urged citizens and residents to not hesitate in calling the emergency hotline (112) for any humanitarian, traffic and security aid. Meanwhile, KFSD confirmed, in a statement, that all land and sea fire stations in the country are currently on high alert for any emergency, urging the public to call 112 for any assistance.

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