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GCC Traffic Week aims to raise awareness on motorists' responsibility
March 8, 2015, 8:57 am

GCC Traffic Week is an annual occasion aimed at raising awareness on the importance of abiding by traffic laws and intensifying state efforts for the safety of lives and public and personal funds, said a Ministry of Interior official.

Kuwait's Ministry of Interior has made all of its resources available in order to make the 31st edition of event, which is set to begin across the Gulf Cooperation Council on Sunday, a success, chief spokesperson Brig. Adel Al-Hashash said in a statement.

With statistics and studies revealing a rise in the total number of road accidents in the six states the event assumes particular significance, said Al-Hashash.

It is also an opportunity for the exchange of information and experiences recorded during the week between the countries, he added.

Encouraging motorists to drive sensibly is the responsibility of us all, explained the officer, who went on to mention the role of parents, schools, the media and the ministry's General Traffic Department.

The event will also be marked by competitions for the public showcased throughout the local media, he said.

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