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GID unit raids rave party at Kabad livestock pen, 32 held
May 11, 2014, 9:18 am

Officers from the Moral Guidance Unit of General Investigation Department thwarted an immoral night party that was taking place inside a livestock pen at Kabad and arrested 32 Kuwaitis and foreigners, including drunken persons cross-dressers and tomboys.

They were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary action. Security sources said police detectives received a tip-off about immoral night parties held inside the livestock pens in Kabad area and formed a team of officers under the command of Brigadier Muhammad Al-Sharhan to pursue the party-goers.

Guarded by warrant from the Public Prosecution, the livestock pen was raided by security operatives. Sources indicated a number of foreigners caught in the raid will be deported and legal action will be taken against others, as per directives from the Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Affairs Major General Abdulhamid Al-Awadhi. They reiterated the raids on suspected locations will continue over an indeterminate period to stamp out vice, stressing any foreigner caught in such places will be deported.

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