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GTD striving to teach non-Arab expats rules: Al-Ali
June 19, 2013, 12:57 pm

During a seminar titled ‘Our Crisis is in our Traffic Jam’, which was organized by Consultation Office in the College of Social Sciences under the patronage of Dr Abdulredha Aseeri, Major General Abdul Fattah Ali affirmed that there are 1,750,000 vehicles in Kuwait and the General Traffic Department (GTD) has issued 1,250,000 drivers’ licenses totally.

He indicated that the traffic in Kuwait suffers from several issues starting with the parking of vehicles in front of houses, adding that some traffic issues are caused by non-Arab expatriates who do not know the laws because they do not speak Arabic. He indicated that GTD is exerting tremendous efforts in conveying the laws to such expatriates in other languages.

Stressing that GTD will not permit any kind of violations of the traffic rules, Major General Al-Ali revealed that 53 individuals died last April due to traffic accidents; however, in May this number reduced to 21 individuals.

He pointed out that any expatriate who enters the country with his vehicle must insure it irrespective of his nationality, adding that those who violate this regulation will have to pay fines when they leave the country.
Major General Abdulfattah Al-Ali stressed Tuesday on the necessity of activating travel ban law against violators to force them pay their traffic fines, especially since the amount of all fines had reached KD 24 million.

Al-Ali told KUNA, on the sidelines of a seminar on road traffic that the traffic department worked in the first phase on implementing laws, which reflected the desire of citizens and expatriates alike to implement laws on everyone, including activating the role of monitoring road violations.

The official added that the traffic department has monitored high density labor areas, including dilapidated vehicles which they use, noting that the administration is working to reduce the number of these vehicles on the roads because it affects traffic tremendously.

Al-Ali said that the chronic traffic problem in the country will be dealt with through tools available, however stressing on the need for training, education and awareness of traffic laws to reduce traffic problems in the country.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Dean of Consultations and Training Department at the college Dr Hamad Al-Abdullah declared that the college has formed a team to study the reasons for traffic crisis in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior.

Dr Fadhel Al-Qeshawi, a Professor of Psychology at the college stressed that 93 percent of the traffic problem in the country is related to the drivers, adding that the behavior they display while driving on the roads must change.

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