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Ganesha artifact at Indian Embassy
September 21, 2015, 12:54 pm

The Indian Embassy in Kuwait released a press release to clarify the issue of the Ganesha artifact that was brought from India by a Kuwaiti national, and was a decorative piece in his Diwaniya before it had to be moved due to renovations. The artifact garnered a lot of media attention when the public noticed it outside of his Diwaniya.

On 3 September 2015, the Indian Embassy received a call from the owner that the artifact has been considerably damaged.

The Embassy was requested to take possession of the artifact for its safety and security.

After necessary repairs by the Indian Embassy's craftsmen, the artifact has been placed in the reception of the embassy as a mark of goodwill and friendship. This repaired artifact cannot be worshiped and is not meant for worship. The Embassy will continue to provide its best services to all members of the community.

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