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Gang hiding runaway maids, operating hiring office nabbed
August 6, 2015, 10:37 am

A team from the General Department for Residency Investigation Affairs arrested a gang, consisting of eight Ethiopians, for operating a fake manpower office and providing shelter to several housemaids who escaped from their employers.

In a press statement, the department disclosed that the illegal activities of the gang were uncovered after an intensive investigation. Three members of the gang allegedly went from house to house presenting fake receipts registered in the name of another manpower office to housemaids and encouraged them to escape from their sponsors by promising to provide them with better jobs.

Enticed by the sweet promises of the suspects, the housemaids ran away from their sponsors and took refuge in the office. The department carried out a thorough investigation after receiving many complaints, resulting in the arrest of the gang members and housemaids who were reported absconding by their employers. All of them were referred to the concerned security department for legal action.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations and Security Media Department has warned the public against providing shelter to housemaids who escaped from their employers, especially since the security authorities continue their surprise inspection campaigns to track down criminals including the runaway housemaids. He stressed that anyone found giving refuge to these housemaids will face legal problems.

Source: Arab Times

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