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Girls and runaway arrested for indecent behavior
November 26, 2015, 10:37 am

Patrolmen arrested two Kuwaiti girls for playing loud music to attract youths to commit immoral acts while they were driving a Jeep in Ardiya area.

A security source said the girls were spotted in a Jeep playing love songs at full volume and behaving in a manner considered morally wrong to attract the youth. Necessary action was taken against them.

And, security operatives arrested an Egyptian expatriate for sheltering a runaway housemaid and engaging her in an illegal relationship.

The man was in the company of the Asian lady when the police checked their ID cards and discovered she had fled from her sponsor. Upon questioning, the officers came to know the duo was in an illicit relationship and living together in a flat in Hawalli area. They were referred to concerned authorities for necessary action.

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