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Gov't's amendment of municipal law to address shortcomings - Min. Al-Kandari
February 2, 2016, 8:55 am
Minister of Communications and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Essa Al-Kandari

Minister of Communications and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Essa Al-Kandari said a draft law approved by the government on Monday aimed at addressing legislative shortcomings related to construction, among others issues.

The government approved a draft law that amended 14 out of 42 articles of Law No. 5/2005, pertinent to regulation of work of Kuwait Municipality and Municipal Council, and punishing violators of construction in fines and jail terms.

Al-Kandari, who said the bill would be referred to the National Assembly, said the amendments addressed violations in the construction of private, investment, industrial and commercial buildings.

He said in a statement that architects, contractors or people employed by them would be punished for up two years if they erected a building without obtaining a permission from the Municipality.

He said the municipality would force them to remove the violating parts at their own expense and fine them KD 1,000 (USD 3,300), as well as cutting power supply from the construction site.
Other amendments aim at facilitating work flow within the municipality, explained Al-Kandari, in addition to doubling the number of elected Municipal Council members to 20, in addition to 11, from current six, appointed by the government.

He said the amendments took place in coordination with the Public Facilities Committee at the parliament, and would addressing many negative aspects.

Source: KUNA

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