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Government bodies must work jointly for orderly semester, easy traffic
September 9, 2015, 8:18 am

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information Tareq Al-Mezrem on Monday stressed the importance of interagency cooperation to ensure orderly semester and easy traffic. During his meeting with representatives of the ministries of interior and information and KUNA, Al- Mezrem called for more efforts to raise public awareness about the need of working with the state agencies, particularly the traffic department, for the safety of citizens and the security of the homeland.

“The competent authorities spare no effort for implementing the security plan for the new semester and addressing the problem of traffic jams in the coming weeks,” a statement by the Interior Ministry’s Public Relations and Security Media Department quoted him as saying.

The meeting also discussed the media campaign concurrent with the security plan, the statement pointed out. On his part, KUNA’s Deputy Director General for the Editorial Sector Affairs Saad Al-Ali told the conferees that KUNA’s SMS service constantly provides the subscribers with the necessary security advice in collaboration with the security media department. He commended the efforts of the department in raising the public awareness and updating the citizens on the new semester’s media campaign dubbed “safety of our kids though our commitment.”

Meanwhile, Director General of the Interior Ministry’s Public Relations and Security Media Department Brig. Adel Al-Hashash thanked the staffers of the Ministry of Information for their support to the media campaign of his department. “The security media campaign was set to suit all stages of schooling from the kindergarten to university,” he said.

The meeting also gathered Assistant Secretary General of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) Mohammad Al-Asousi, Director of the General Program of the Information Ministry Saad Al-Fendi, Director General of the Public Relations and Security Media Department Lt-Col Nasser Abu Sulaib, and Director of the Technical Office of the TV Sector Ahmad Makram.

Source: Arab Times

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