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Government eyes strategic alternative to salary before end of NA tenure
June 20, 2015, 9:49 am

The government is insisting to apply the strategic alternative system to the salary structure before the end of the tenure of the current National Assembly, reports Annahar daily quoting reliable sources. The sources said the government has no intention to destroy the aim, the results and philosophy of applying the strategic alternative although it is open to proposals and suggestions in total flexibility and technicality.

The sources clarified the description ‘strategic’ alternative sums it all in terms of flexibility and the time of its application and the ability to achieve goals and results. The strategic alternative, sources said, for the civil information system is aimed at improving the efficiency of several sectors in the country such as Health, Education, Higher Education, Information, Interior, Awqaf, Social Affairs, Justice, Commerce, Communications and Public Works. Add to this the departments of research, studies, public relations and service departments in various organizations and ministries in the country.

The sources disclosed, the system is aimed at encouraging efficient youth who have yet to get experience be recruited in these sectors; in addition to working with generous allowances not to feel injustice compared to their counterparts in other authorities. The sources also clarified that the country wants to improve the level of services offered by these sectors which should in turn be able to attract efficient personnel.

Therefore, it is important to apply the strategic alternative which has new systems to control the recruitment of senior officials, system of assessing performance and promotions and the salary scale. Sources said discrepancies in salaries over the years were a key reason for the phenomenon of some inefficient personnel getting jobs in the oil sector, and other government organizations and institutions with generous allowances and attractive bonuses at the expense of other important authorities which continue to lose efficient citizens because of these financial merits.

Meanwhile, two senior government officials recently shed light on some regulations and legislative technicalities governing MPs’ interpellation’s right, affirming that the grilling queries are in principle subject to advance examination. Minister of Justice, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al-Sanea, speaking at a follow-up session of the National Assembly, affirmed that the Cabinet had previously decided to form a special panel to examine MPs’ questions.

The special committee, affiliated to the Ministry of State for National Assembly Affairs, verifies whether the lawmakers’ queries are constitutionally substantial. Elaborating, he explained that the Cabinet gives a green light to the minister to be grilled to answer the questions, without any infringement on jurisdictions of the other members of the government.

The parliament bylaw affirms the MPs’ right to grill the government executives regarding issues falling in each one’s jurisdictions. For his part, Minister of Oil and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs said that most MPs’ question are usually answered, with no arguing, about their constitutional bases, and even in the case where this happens, “we double check with the team of advisers (the special committee), restressing rights of both the MPs and ministers to have free access to information.

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