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Government loses KD 50 million in court cases
March 4, 2015, 9:02 am

The government lost around KD 50 million over the past three years because of losing law suits filed against it, sources said. The sources added that between 2013 and 2014, the number of cases that had been filed against government establishments would be 270.

These cases, still unsettled, were mostly filed by some of the senior government officials, citizens and private companies. Government employees filed these cases against the government for various reasons such as not being paid certain incentives they believe they deserve, unjustified removal from posts and not getting promoted to higher positions.

The sources added that some of the cases had been filed by patients who had been victims of some medical errors demanding compensation. Certain government companies allegedly reported that they were not getting due payments from certain tenders or they had been excluded from bids despite matching all qualifying conditions.

On the other hand, the government filed 400 cases against citizens, senior officials and some of its own employees in addition to suing some companies for violating conditions of some government construction projects’ contracts, for foul foodstuff they had imported or for price manipulations. The sources also said that the cases filed by the government came in response to recommendations made by the audit bureau concerning administrative or financial violations, embezzlements, forgery, trespassing on public property, and not paying overdue public service bills.

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