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Government plans to entrust Islands Development Projects to municipality
June 24, 2015, 10:35 am

Municipal Council Chairman Muhalhel Al-Khalid said he has been informed about the government’s plan to entrust the Kuwaiti islands development project to Kuwait Municipality, reports Al-Jarida daily.

In a press statement, Al- Khalid explained the project aims to transform these islands into tourist destinations; affirming the government will soon discuss the project with the Municipality in order to finalize the mechanism for its implementation. He said the council will study the project and it will be treated as a matter of urgency. He pointed out the privacy aspect of each island must be taken into consideration before finalizing the plan.

Meanwhile, sources disclosed the project includes all islands, except Boubyan which is currently used by the Kuwaiti Army and is restricted for security reasons, as well as the northern islands due to their location and for security reasons as well. Sources revealed the plan is to develop Failaka Island and two nearby islands — Maskan and Oha — for tourism purposes, as well as to promote the heritage aspect of these islands.

Sources added Kubbar and Um Al-Maradem islands will be transformed into attractive destinations for amateur divers and swimmers, such that they will be transformed into integrated beach resorts. It can be recalled that similar projects were proposed years ago but they were not implemented due to the objection of many individuals and groups.

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