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Government supports any proposal that rectifies flaws in law: Al-Essa
May 24, 2015, 10:18 am
Dr. Badr Al- Essa

In a move indicating government’s commitment to amend law no. 24/1996 concerning the ban on co-education in the university and education establishments, the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Badr Al- Essa has said that government will support any proposal that rectifies the flaws brought about by the implementation of the code law.

Dr. Al-Essa stated “we are waiting for the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the appeal filed against the law in order to plan for the next steps”. He affirmed that students suffer most on account of the law which became clear years after its endorsement”. He downplayed the negative effect of the law on the Shadadiya University, affirming that “its accomplishment plan is fast moving”.

In his role, MP Faisal Al-Shaya sees that things will return to the normal course, and that support of the appeal by the Constitutional Court is itself a positive step and a gain for Kuwait in this aspect. In his statement, MP Al-Shaya added that co-education or rather ‘mixing of boys and girls’ has become a reality that cannot be denied or disowned, indicating that gender mix exists in our world and in our daily lives, even in our purest part of earth, ‘Makkah’, where those who go to the universities go for the sake of education and nothing else.” He also pointed out that financial burden brought by coeducation ban law delayed the accomplishment of educational projects and graduation of students.

Meanwhile, Parliament’s Health and Social Affairs Committee has approved a number of proposals including one to allow holding public and political seminars and workshops as well as scientific lectures in wedding halls, reports a local daily quoting informed sources. They said the committee submitted a report regarding its approval of the proposal on confining the role of the cooperative societies union to serving the members, observing the shortage of commodities, services, price hikes and the reasons behind the hikes and finding solutions to manage the hikes.

The sources revealed that the committee approved the proposal to install surveillance cameras in clinics and governmental hospitals including inside operating theatres, provided the cameras do not identify the patient. They explained that the proposal is aimed to protect the rights of patients by monitoring the activities of the doctors and disclosing any medical errors they commit against patients. It is also aimed to protect the employees from being attacked and insulted, as some often experience while on duty.

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