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Government to proceed with nationality law in line with state sovereignty
April 9, 2017, 8:42 am

The Kuwaiti Government will move on with nationality laws according to state sovereignty and the constitution, said Minister of Justice and the Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Dr. Faleh Abdullah Al-Azeb.

There's no ban on lawmakers' views on the tabled amendments on referring nationality disputes to the judiciary, Al-Azeb told the National Assembly's Al-Dostoor News Network. He reiterated the necessity of respecting the principle of sovereignty and the provisions of the constitution.

Al-Azeb voiced optimism over the relations between the Legislative and the Executive Powers. The tools of parliamentary monitoring are not those of straining; they eventually lead to cooperation for interests of the national, the minister said.

He welcomed any potential grilling requests by the legislators, as a political inquiries are guaranteed by the constitutions. Referring to the DNA testing law, Al-Azeb said it would be amended according to the views of the members of the two powers, expressing the government's sincere desire to cement cooperation with the Legislative Power.

Meanwhile, the minister said he formed a committee and tasked it with handling the remarks of the State Audit Bureau on the Ministry of Justice.

Source: KUNA

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