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Government will proceed regular work – Shamali
June 22, 2013, 4:57 pm

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Mustafa Al-Shimali affirmed that the government would proceed its work as regular with an aspiration to accomplish the largest number possible of development projects.
Political conditions in the country, particularly following the recent rule by the Constitutional Court, "would neither hamper actions of the government, nor the development (process)," Al-Shimali affirmed in exclusive remarks to the Arabic-language Kuwaiti daily, Al-Jarida, published on Saturday.
The government is working diligently for tangible development, manifestations of which have become visible in the country, and "we as a government look forward to press ahead with the accomplishments for development and meeting needs of the citizens and lifting their standards of living," Al-Shimali told Al-Jarida.
Kuwait is distinguished with a solid financial-economic system capable of facing all challenges, and "we are working according to advanced strategies and plans, through which we will be able to upgrade our financial and economic systems," Al-Shimali added.
Elaborating, Al-Shimali indicated that work with regard of the family fund would proceed according to a strategy that had been hammered out in coordination with the National Assembly, affirming as well keenness on resolving the issue of debts defaulters.
On the state budget, Al-Shimali confirmed that it was under examination by the cabinet. Regarding the bourse, the minister stressed that the Kuwait Stock Exchange "is in good condition and the government secures all possible support for this institution for performing operations in full." He also noted that the government would spare no effort to overhaul the oil sector, the main income resource for the state, hinting that development ventures would proceed in this vital sector.

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