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Govt to review petition on expat health charges
February 3, 2018, 8:08 am

The Court of Appeals Wednesday adjourned to March 4 the petition presented by the counsel to a group of expatriates who called for the cancellation of increase in health charges for expatriates.

The petition was adjourned for review by the government. The plaintiff counsel explained in the petition that the decision to increase health charges for expatriates in public hospitals contradicts the Constitution and law.

The contested decision was to replace an effective law No. 1/1999 but a law cannot be amended or cancelled by a ministerial decision but only by a similar law.In its memo to the court, the Fatwa and Legislation Department stressed the absence of interest for the plaintiff, who is a citizen due to which the decision does not concern him.

It said the decision is intended exclusively for expatriates and it is applied everywhere around the world, stressing the lack of abuse of power. The department affirmed that the decision does not contradict the health insurance law for expatriates.

Source: Arab Times

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