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Govt unlawfully granted 200,000 citizenships: MP Saleh Ashour
August 18, 2014, 8:39 am

MP Saleh Ashour accused the government of unlawfully granting Kuwaiti citizenship to 200,000 people, and stressed that Kuwait’s population growth was abnormal.

“According to statistics, Kuwait’s population was 650,000 after the liberation in 1991,” he said, noting that taking into consideration studies that show that the highest population growth rates worldwide ranged between 2-3 percent, and taking an average of 2.5 percent for Kuwait, this means that the normal annual population growth for Kuwaitis should be around 16,250.

“Now after 24 years, Kuwait’s population should be around one million and 40,000 people,” Ashour calculated, noting that since the actual population of Kuwaitis was 1.35 million, this means that at least 310,000 people were granted citizenship.

“Assuming that 60,000 people were granted citizenship as wives of citizens and around 40,000 were granted citizenships as sons of Kuwaiti women and bedoons for their services to Kuwait, this leaves around 200,000 people unlawfully granted citizenship by the government,” deduced Ashour in an inquiry to the prime minister in which he requested details on why such a large number of people were granted citizenship.

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