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Grade 10 Physics ‘papers’ leaked through social media
January 16, 2017, 9:00 am

Despite the tough measures put in place by the Ministry of Education to prevent cheating in examination centers, several Grade 10 students managed to cheat in the Physics exam Monday morning through a group on the social media application 'Whatsapp' leaking the paper at 8:05am, just five minutes after the exam had started. Students that managed to enter the examination room with mobiles were able to pass on model answers while the invigilators were unaware, indicating means they will pass the exam without going through lot of trouble.

The Whatsapp group in question consisted of 350 students, and they even managed to forward answers and chat with each other. Education sources stressed the examination control room compared the model answers from the sanctioned printer of the technical guidance department with those found in the group, and it was an easy job.

They noted the students were chatting about other similar groups for other subjects, and according to sources, students might use the same means to cheat in the final exams if concerned officials do not take necessary measures to prevent repetition of the act or other similar phenomena.

Sources urged the school principal and those in charge to be strict in withdrawing mobile phones and other communication gadgets from students before the exam starts. Some teachers affirmed that several students entered the exams 15 minutes late, which in this case, is enough in cheating the entire exam.

Source: Arab Times

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