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Green International free seminar
April 5, 2015, 10:08 am

Ganesan Subramanian, Green International’s Head of Kuwait Operations, has organized an elite gathering of Senior Corporate Officials on 28 March for a free seminar on Business Process Reengineering [BPR]. This session was facilitated by ChandraSekar Pandyan of MineSpree, India, who is a working partner with Green International to roll-out Consulting - Coaching - Learning & Development Workshops in Kuwait.

The session started with a working definition of what is BPR followed by an interesting comparison drawn by ChandraSekar between Thinking - Within the Box, Out-of-Box and New Boxes. ChandraSekar emphasized the importance of knowing what is within the box in order to become better out-of-box thinkers.

The attendees of the BPR conference appreciated the need to think different towards getting crazy new-ideas that is the starting point of Business Process Reengineering Solutions.
The BPR Session also threw light on Left Vs. Right Vs. Whole-Brain Thinking to enable ideas to become Solutions that can be put into strategy-execution path to realize Biz Benefits, Productivity, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Overall, the BPR Free Seminar created vibes among the participants to get a positive jolt on thinking different in order to surge ahead during the tough economy conditions. ChandraSekar ended the session by saying `Doing Same Outputs With Same Resources’ might be felt as `Shame' if continued forever.

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