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Group attacks patrol officers, cars with stones in bid to free juvenile
February 21, 2016, 8:50 am

A group of unidentified individuals attacked several patrol officers on Abdali Road at 32 kilometer mark and threw stones at them and their patrol vehicles.

According to a security source, patrol officers stopped a juvenile who violated the traffic rules by driving a car with tinted windows and for not abiding by the conditions of safe driving. When they discovered that the juvenile was not holding a driver’s license, they confiscated his civil ID and registration book of the vehicle. Since the juvenile was accompanied by his sister, he was told to call a relative to take his sister.

In an attempt to escape, the juvenile jumped into one of the police vehicles and sped off but he was chased and arrested. Five individuals came in a SUV and they were carrying sharp objects. They attacked the patrol officers, threw stones at them and their vehicles and took the juvenile with them before driving off. Investigations have been launched to find the suspects.

Source: Arab Times

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