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Guidebooks to be issued to expatriates
December 28, 2015, 10:00 am

The Central Tenders Committee (CTC) is working out the details for a new project up for bidding that entails printing of 500,000 copies of a guidebook aimed towards informing expatriate workers of their rights and will be translated into several languages, according to well-informed sources at the Manpower Public Authority. The sources mentioned that the workers’ rights and duties would be underlined in the book along with the manpower laws and regulations. The source also added that a media campaign would be created to promote the booklet to the working expatriate laborers in Kuwait and provide copies to various labor departments.

Additionally, the manpower authority’s acting director Ahmed Al-Moussa said the new labor contract forms had received approval by the fatwa and legislation department and plans were made to put it into effect by January 2016. Moussa went on to explain that the new contract featured particulars to protect both employers and employees’ rights as well as additional clauses and conditions that were open to be decided on by the private sector labor law and both sides’ agreement. He added that the availability of the new contract forms at the many labor departments would happen swiftly in the following days.

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