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Gulfmart to launch latest branch in Fahaheel
August 6, 2013, 1:44 pm
Country Head Gulfmart

As a delightful Eid gift to the residents of Fahaheel, Gulfmart, Kuwait’s largest supermarket chain, is all set to open their 20th branch in the country, and their 3rd outlet in Fahaheel, on Friday, 9th August at 7pm.

His Excellency Satish C. Mehta, the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, has kindly consented to honor the occasion and inaugurate the new Gulfmart branch. Located in Othaibi Complex, Block 5, Building number 40, just off Road 213 in the industrial area of Fahaheel, the new supermarket is adjacent to the Ministry of Electricity building and is easily accessible from the Fahaheel Highway.

Speaking about the imminent launch of their 20th branch in Kuwait, Arif Sheikh, Managing Director of Gulfmart Group, said, “The opening of Gulfmart’s latest branch in Kuwait, and the third branch in Fahaheel, is a clear sign of our commitment to strengthening the Group’s activities in the country. It is also an attestation to the popularity of the brand and the wide support Gulfmart enjoys among customers here.  We are very grateful for this trust in our brand and will continue to meet and exceed the aspirations of shoppers looking for quality products at affordable prices.”

The country-head for Gulfmart in Kuwait, T.A. Remesh added, “Since our inception we have been famous for always offering customers enormous value in their shopping. We are sure that our newest branch will replicate the success of the 19 other outlets in the country, and deliver to customers the widest selection of goods, the most competitive prices, an excellent shopping ambience and exceptional service.”

With over 30,000 square feet of retail space spread over two floors, the latest outlet of Gulfmart will display the most extensive range of products for family shopping. The entire gamut of goods on offer at the new store is tailored to meet the regular everyday needs of families, as well as cater to their larger discretionary purchases. Basically, everything from eggs to electronics; from fresh produce to fish, meat, and canned goods, as well as a dedicated refreshment area, will be available at the newest branch of Gulfmart.

Elaborating on the synergy of opening yet another branch in Fahaheel, Mr. Remesh, said, “By opening a third outlet in Fahaheel, we make it even more convenient for shoppers, especially families, to shop at Gulfmart. We are all about convenience and providing quality products at best prices. Across Kuwait, from Fahaheel in the south to Jahra in the north, we are now in the enviable position of offering outlets within easy commutable distance of shoppers anywhere in the country.”

Expressing their happiness on the opening of the latest branch in Fahaheel, the entire management team at Gulfmart were of the opinion that the brand’s dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction has translated into its undeniable success in Kuwait, as evidenced by the growing number of retail outlets across the country.

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