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Gym Team launches fitness instructors’ master class
August 4, 2014, 1:07 pm

The Gym Team, a newly formed group of fitness instructors who are highly competent and certified in different programs both locally and abroad, launched its initial project at the Radisson Blu hotel on Friday morning via a two-hour workout presented by Sam Malit with Les Mill Core Training and Blanche Bravo with Zumba Step. The class was attended by forty instructors from different local gyms in Kuwait.

The event kicked-off with a brief introduction of the core mission of The Gym Team by its director Ricky Laxa. He gave details of the newly formed group and would be functions as a fitness group entity. Laxa added that the group is not an organization but collaboration between different instructors who are certified and specialists in their own fields.

Currently, there are four instructors who have been designated coordinators in programs such as; Zumba with Blanche Bravo, Sam Malit with Les Mills,  Pilates and More for Pilates and Ricky Laxa for ACSM and ACE certifications and overall Director of Programs. Bravo took the stage after the brief orientation and introduced a totally different approach to step combinations using less complicated moves but creatively executed and backed-up by Latin music.

The hour workout gave the instructors new and fresh routines, which they can incorporate in their own classes. “I wish the workout was longer, steps were different yet familiar to everyone and surely the routines will be of great use and value to me as an instructor,” commented Nelia Derodar, a personal trainer. Malit followed and introduced program 13 of Les Mills core workout, which was tougher in executions attacking the core muscles simultaneously toning the minor and major muscles of the body. Workouts were executed on the floor and included abdominal regimen.

Certificates were awarded to all participants by the presenters and plaques of recognition were given to the presenters of the master class by the spouse of the Philippine Labor Attaché Gwen Chavez who also attended the workshop. “I am very pleased with the master class and honored to be a part of such great event. It was so rare to see highly competitive instructors from different gyms collaborate to attend and further enhance their crafts. Clients are so fortunate to have these instructors in their classes,” commented Chavez.

As for the Gym Team, Malit stated that the main core mission is to provide continuous studies for instructors, enhancement of their skills by providing latest and up-to-date techniques, approaches and styles related to fitness and workouts. “Its main function is to organize these kinds of seminars, workshops, lectures, master classes and events related to fitness in all aspects,” commented Malit.

Bravo added that each coordinator is expected to be highly competent in his field of expertise and The Gym Team is open to instructors who can be part of the team and can offer what is not available yet within the group. The Gym Team is on lookout for certified instructors in Banghra, Yoga, Nutrition both for fitness and sports, Body Building, Spinning, Aqua, Cross-Fit and more.

The team also plans to bring in examiners, specialists and so called ambassadors of different fitness programs to provide education and certifications to instructors yet mainly focusing on co-education. “I believe there is a huge discrepancy in training male fitness instructors in Kuwait since most programs will only allow women in the class, disregarding the importance of training male instructors who are also as vital in gyms and that this takes away the passion from male instructors to further their education and be contented with what they are capable of,” added Laxa.

More workshops are currently on the pipeline and will be announced soon immediately after its Facebook account, Instagram and Youtube accounts are activated. The Gym team wishes to thank Pilates and More, Bodylynn Gym and The Viking Club of the Radisson Blu for lending the extra steps used during the workshop. To  Joseph Magnaye, Beverly Tonogbanua, Maripol Abdalah and Eman Hael of Pinoy Zumba Lovers for their generous contribution in making the event possible and successful and Santinna Salon for giving out vouchers to the presenters. 

Ricky Laxa/ Staff Writer

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