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Hatay Sofrasi
September 25, 2016, 11:16 am

Huddled in the upscale Murouj complex at the Sahara Resort, this classic Turkish restaurant serves up a taste of home with a side of flair, and a dash of Turkish history and architecture. The menu, laden with information about the province, its history, art and architecture, provides educational literature for diners to understand the rich culture behind the food they are eating. With an interior staged like a simple Turkish home, and simply set tables reminiscent of Friday lunch at your grandmother’s house, this restaurant provides simple and cozy environment for its guests.

Popular dish: Meter Kebab, extra long kebab served atop spicy pita with dollops of grilled onions, greens and tomatoes.

Location: Murouj Complex next to the Sahara Golf Resort. Call 1850005.

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