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Hawalli Governor wants new bus stops with modern facilities
January 27, 2016, 9:56 am

The Hawalli Governor Sheikh Ahmad Al-Nawaf , from his observation of the present bus stop facilities provided to residents of the governorates, has made a proposal to the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Communications Essa Al-Kandari for updated bus stops with extra facilities. The governor feels that these special bus stops can be built jointly with KPTC in all the governorate’s areas to provide a comfortable waiting space against Kuwait’s extreme climate.

Sheikh Ahmad suggested in his proposal that the new bus stops should be equipped with wi-fi and air-condition facilities to allow passengers to enjoy their waiting time. Moreover, the bus stops would protect them from the worst of Kuwait’s weather conditions including extreme heat in summer and cold and rain in winter. The governor also recommended modern international designs to replace the current open-air and outdated bus stops.

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