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Hawally’s new residency department building offers better public services
May 11, 2015, 11:20 am

The department of residency affairs of the Hawally governorate, which was located in Salmiya near the Jawazat roundabout, last month shifted to its new location in West Mishref near the international fairground. The new building has a new look and offers many advantages over the old one. There is a large parking space with a capacity for hundred vehicles, and has multiple entries with many operating counters equipped with a token system.


The inside of the new building is clean and spacious with modern décor, and small trash bins are placed next to seats to encourage usage. The whole two-storey building is air conditioned, well furnished with comfortable seating and improves movement with two elevators. The typing area, found outside the building with an independent entrance, has six typists and two copy machines.

New Services

As part of the department’s decision to better serve the public, additional services were offered. On the ground floor are various divisions for services; customer service department, cashier, civil ID office and a health insurance office for maids and children of Kuwaiti mothers. Additionally, the first floor includes the audit department, citizens’ services department, reviewers, visit service and the sentences enforcement departments. Support service, technical, general registration, absence permission, companies, human resources and traffic departments are placed on the second floor, where visitors can also pay traffic violations.

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