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Health Minister commends cholera control measures
October 8, 2015, 9:00 am

Health Minister Ali Al-Obaidi said here Wednesday his ministry has managed to control diseases, viruses and cholera thanks to its successful precautions. Three out of five cholera cases have already recovered in the country, the minister said in an exclusive statement to KUNA, citing recent World Health Organization's (WHO) reports commending Kuwait's cholera control measures.

He even vowed that his ministry would reveal any information about cholera or any other disease in full transparency and clarity. "The ministry is continuously in touch with citizens through mass media in order to report new statistics. In case of outbreak of epidemic diseases, the ministry will immediately inform the WHO," he added.

However, the minister warned of rumors and unofficial statements about the health situation in the country. On the 62nd Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean Region of the World Health Organization (WHO) held here Tuesday, the minister said the conferees had discussed several health issues, chiefly medical treatment costs.

They also addressed the subject of evaluating health technology and boosting the capacity of health systems through appropriate and effective methods to assess health technology and choose better health care, he noted. 

Source: KUNA


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