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Health Minister to investigate fatalities, heath problems caused by medical errors
September 14, 2015, 4:15 pm

Health Ministry announced, on Monday, that it will apply a comprehensive system that will tackle all medical mistakes that contribute to a hospital patient's death and health problems. The ministry said in a press release that the public should be made aware of the difference between legal and medical definitions of medical mistakes and medical complications; this distinction can only be clarified by the help of medical and legal experts and consultants.

It added that any medical mistakes that lead to the patient's death or any in-hospital complications will be referred to a specialized committee to investigate these cases. The result of these investigations will be submitted to the hospital director and the Health Ministry; a neutral legal committee will, hence, be formed to take legal actions against those responsible for any mistakes or carelessness.

The Health Ministry is also following all recommendations be World Health Organization (WHO) to protect the rights of patients and to limit any medical mistakes or negligence, it added.

This press release came after claims that the latest death case in Al-Adan Hospital was a medical mistake. The ministry, however, opened investigation on the incident even though the death was not as it was claimed to be. 

Source: KUNA

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