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Health Ministry continues to send patients to France despite Paris attacks
November 16, 2015, 5:00 pm

The Health Ministry will continue sending patients to France to receive medical treatment despite the latest Paris attacks, Ministry of Health Undersecretary Dr. Khaled Al-Sehlawi stressed on Monday. Al-Sehlwai told the press, after attending a parliamentary committee for social and health affairs, that the Ministry of Health has not received any instructions for stopping sending patients to France, noting that there are still patients receiving treatment in France at the moment.

On the spread of swine flu at schools, Al-Sehlawi clarified that according to World Health Organization (WHO) swine flu is merely a seasonal flu. He added that it is normal that flu swiftly spreads among students, reassuring that there is nothing to fear. The committee meeting also discussed health insurance for retirees, pointing out that there are two insurance companies that will take over this file and it will be completed within the next few months. 

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